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Argan Dew Oil 100ml

Argan Dew Oil
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4.63 out of 51 based on 8 voters.

About Argan Dew Oil 100ml

Use this super rich Argan Dew Oil as a double action daily treatment for all types of hair. The Argan Dew Oil penetrates the hair pores and along the entire length of your hair and roots repairing, nourishing and strengthening each strand individually. Argan Dew Oil also acts as a protective coating from airborne pollutants we come in contact with daily, leaving your rehydrated hair looking and smelling fresh and healthy. Frequent use of Argan Dew Oil can easily solve the undesirable results of bad hair practices such as a lack of shine, dry hair and even frizzy hair. Using Argan Dew Oil on a regular basis will also benefit the long term vitality of your hair keeping it silky smooth, strong and in excellent condition, free from skin and hair damage.

Argan Dew Oil rehydrates your hair in the most natural of ways. This miraculous oil is blessed with exceptionally rich essential nutrients, unsaturated fatty acids including Omega 3 and Omega 9. These unsaturated fatty acids fortify the protein gelling structures of your hair, thus improving hair strength and repairing split ends caused by dryness.
Argan Dew Oil also has high levels of Vitamin E and natural antioxidants which are essential in restoring and renewing previously damaged hair cells, making it an incredible agent for treating all types of hair.

We take pride in our products. Argan Dew Oil is not tested on animals and is SLS/SLES, paraben and alcohol free. 

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